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In our previous month’s new gTLD report, we saw how .XYZ  took the major chunk of the competition by seizing 95% of the total domain adds owing to 2¢ promo that we were running. Our top 3 contenders continue to stay in the competition, but not in the same order as last month. A few new extensions have managed to climb up the ladder. We welcome .LTD for the first time in our top 15 club. You can take a look at the report below for further details.

1) .TOP is number one yet again:  .TOP steals the show again, grabbing 41% this month all thanks to you! The extension has  been on the rise as there are around 3 million .TOP domains registered from over 240 countries and regions in the world until July 2016. It’s currently the second highest selling TLD (according to ntld stats). The fact that .TOP continued at a low price of  $0.49 this June, reflects in the numbers.

2) .XYZ back to the usual numbers: .XYZ has moved from position 1 to 2 this month for obvious reasons, the 2¢ promo that we were running only for the month of June. In spite of that, .XYZ has taken 15% of total adds for the month. So kudos to you!

Just like the previous month, Radix’s .ONLINE (10th highest selling TLD according to ntld stats) doesn’t budge and remains at position 3. The drop in the promo price from $5.99 to $2.99 contributed to the extension to hold it’s ground for the month of July.

3) .SPACE is on the move: This has been one of our most consistently performing Radix TLDs. .SPACE never fails to be a part of our top 15 as it moves from position 5 to 4 based on June’s report. .SPACE was running at a promotional price of $0.99 in June owing to Radix’s 2nd year anniversary.

4) .CLICK to number 5: .CLICK has upped its game for July moving from position 13 to 5. It’s currently priced at $1.99 and has continued for while now. The total (global) number of TLD adds until the 3rd of August 2016 is 250,696.

5) A new addition to the report: .LTD, from the Donuts Group has entered the charts for the very first time in our monthly reports. We were running ‘SiteWars’ powered by Donuts last month, our very own web design contest. A criterion for the contest was that only a Donuts TLD could be used by the participants. This obviously contributed to the performance of .LTD. .ONE has remained in this month’s report in spite of a promo offer not running at the moment.

  • To give you a heads up, we will be running a promo on .ONE which commences from the 15th of August and it will be priced at a mere $4.99!
  • .DESI will be priced at a special promo price of $4.99 as well from the 7th of August
  • .VIP will be running at a special price of $5.99 the whole of August
  • Looking for a wider range of new gTLDs? Do have a look at our promos here

We’d love hear from you regarding this report. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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