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We seemed to have started the new year with a whole new lot of domain names in our monthly reports. As we make our way through the new gTLD standings for January, you’re going to see a completely different picture. .ACCOUNTANT is number 1 for the month. .TOP was the undisputed domain extension last year and has now taken the number 5 position. Let’s see what the first month of the new year has to offer with respect to new gTLD adds. Have a look at the infograph below for more information:

*Registration Numbers facilitated by ResellerClub
1) .ACCOUNTANT – The domain name is not only a new entrant for the new gTLD adds for January, but has managed to climb all the way to the top. .ACCOUNTANT was running at a special cost of $1.99 only. We will discuss this unexpected change further in the report. Did you know that .ACCOUNTANT globally has about 65,107 registered domains as of now?

2) .XYZ – The world’s most famous new gTLD continues to stick to its position for this month as well. .XYZ continues to run at the same price as last year which is $0.99

3) .SPACE – Climbed from position 4 to 3 and continued at flat price of $1.69 for January as well. In case you didn’t know, Radix’s new gTLD has already hit a total of 213,163 domains globally.

4) .ONE – This domain extension skips a number making it our 4th new gTLD for the month in comparison with December. .ONE is having its 3rd successful month in our reports and was priced at $4.99

5) .TOP – Our highest selling domain name in 2016 has finally changed its position in January. .TOP was running at a special promo price of just $0.99 all throughout 2016, but now it’s priced at $1.99 leading to a change in it usual position

Although .GDN has been one of our top 15 adds, we have two new entrants for January; recently launched .VIP, and .FASHION. .VIP entered General Availability at 1600hrs UTC on 17 May 2016 and already has a total 569,142 (2.07%) registrations till date (globally). You can have a look at the graph below for more details.

.VIP new gTLD report resellerclub january 2017


Global .VIP registrations. Source – ntldstats.com

The guys at ResellerClub would like to thank you for the support as we enter our birthday month. Here are our promos lined up for February:

  1. You can get .XYZ at a flat 90% off for just $0.99
  2. The perfect TLD for your customer’s multinational presence, .GLOBAL is running at a price of a mere $12.99 all February!
  3. Get . SHOP for a mere $6.99!
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