New gTLD Report – January 2016

As we step into 2016, we’re excited for all this year has in store of the industry and new gTLDs in particular. Is 2016 the year where the new extensions become the new internet trend? Are we going to see a stark change where these TLDs are concerned? It’s the first month in the year and as we take a look at the numbers for the month, we’re very much encouraged. Before we highlight for you the interesting changes, do take a look at the report for your benefit.


*Registration Numbers facilitated by ResellerClub


1) .LOAN & .ACCOUNTANT’s mammoth increase: Both these TLDs increased by 97% since last November which is one of the largest increases we’ve seen for a TLD. This is most likely due to the promos we ran on the two TLDs starting mid November (continuing this month), accounting for the spike in registrations. For the first time, the two TLDs featured on the list of Top 15 TLDs for the months of Dec ’15- Jan ’16.

2) .TOP’s spike in registrations: While .TOP had a $1.99 promo in November, we ran a further discount in December, dropping the price a 70% lower than the promo price. This contributed to the spike in registrations over December 2015 and January 2016 by 41%.

3) .WIN increases by 25%:  .WIN was on promo from mid-November on the global program and other international programs. A part of the increase can be attributed to the special pricing in the China market for this TLD alone.

4) .XYZ, .SPACE, .WEBSITE, .UNO remained the same: Some TLDs continued to remain at the same registration percentage through December and January.

We currently have promos on a bunch of other TLDs. You can take a look at the entire list here.

If you’ve got questions about the report, do let us know in the comments below.

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AmritaAmrita is a marketing specialist by profession who loves writing, music and animals.



Amrita is a marketing specialist by profession who loves writing, music and animals.