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For the first time in a long time, .XYZ has beaten .CLUB to take the No. 1 new gTLD position for the month of February! In February, 17.69% of the total domain names were registered with the .XYZ extension. Runners-up, .CLUB had 9.15% of the total domain names registered with them, a significantly lower registration percentage than .XYZ.

The other popular new gTLDs for February were .WEBSITE, .GURU & .TODAY in the top 5, taking 3-5% of the total registrations.

Here’s a chart of the TLDs & the percentage share of each for the month of February

A TLD that is fast changing the Internet scene is .GLOBAL – A Borderless Strategy.

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Comment & tell us which gTLD you think is going to take the No. 1 position in March.


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