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Hey guys, the new gTLD adds for the month are out and for the first time ever, .GDN has taken the top spot! .ACCOUNTANT which was our number 1 for the last month, has moved to the 11th position for February. .XYZ continues at position 2 while the Radix TLDs continue to be a part of our top 15 monthly new gTLD adds across all markets. We have new entrants for February as well, .SCIENCE, .CRICKET and .REVIEW. Let’s have a look at the infograph below for more information.

*Registration Numbers facilitated by ResellerClub

1) .GDN – .XYZ and .TOP are the usual top 2 for our reports, but .GDN has managed to take first place this February taking a total of 29% of our new gTLD adds. ‘Global Domain Name’ or .GDN was at number 6 for the month of January and was priced at $0.79 for the last 2 months. As you know, .TOP is running at a higher price of $1.99 (as compared to $0.99 in 2016) this year. This has definitely contributed to .GDN going up the charts. Have a look at this video on how .GDN can help your customer’s business

2) .XYZ – The world’s most famous new gTLD continues to stick to its position for this month as well. .XYZ continues to run at the same promo price of $0.99

3) .TOP – The domain extension has moved from position 5 to position 3 in February and continues at a price of $1.99 as mentioned above. Globally, .TOP has a total of 4,527,579  registered (according to ntldstats)

4) .SPACE – As usual, we have at least one Radix TLD in the top 5 for our new gTLD reports. .SPACE is running at a promo price of just $1.69. Why do your customers need .SPACE? Have a look at this video for more information

5) .WIN – The domain extension took the number 9 position for January and is now at number 5 this month. Did you know that, .WIN is ranked number 4 and has a total of 1,203,512 domains registered globally (according to ntldstats)

Say hello to our new entrants for the month, .SCIENCE, .CRICKET & .REVIEW! It’s nearly been a year since .SCIENCE showed up in our monthly new gTLD reports. .SCIENCE and .CRICKET were running at a special promo price of just $1.99.

Here are our promos lined up for March:

  • .TOP is running at a special price of just $0.89!
  • You can now get .GLOBAL for just $12.99
  • Get .DESI for a mere $14.99 $1.49
  • .FASHION is running at 65% discount and is priced at just $8.49

Looking for a wider range of new gTLDs? Do have a look at our promos here.

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