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In our previous reports, we were having a month-on-month comparison of the new gTLD registrations. For February, we are doing our report in a slightly different format.

What’s new?

We are taking into account the domains registered exclusively in this month rather than all the domains registered through us till date. This is to ensure that all the TLDs, even TLDs that have been launched recently have a level playing field. Therefore, there has been a major change in trend in this month’s report.

Here are the percentage shares of  the new gTLD adds for the month of February.

*Registration Numbers facilitated by ResellerClub

The impact of promo offers is clearly visible on the top new gTLDs. .TOP and .ACCOUNTANT have climbed up the charts for February. .SPACE  continues to be in our top 15 gTLD list while .TOP seizes the largest chunk which is nearly half of the total percentage share followed by .ACCOUNTANT.

The reason contributing to the outstanding performance of .TOP and .ACCOUNTANT is due to the massive domain promos that are running throughout the month. .TOP & .ACCOUNTANT are running at promotional offers of 93% and 91% respectively. .

.WIN  & .LINK are at par for this month’s report contributing to 5% each of the domain registrations. We are running a promotional offer across all our programs for .WIN & .LINK at a staggering 91% & 75% off respectively. Apart from that, we are running a special promo in the China market for .WIN till the end of February. These could be, the contributing factors for why .WIN has entered the charts standing at number 3 in our new gTLDs list.

Radix Registry’s .SPACE and .ONLINE stand at positions 5 & 6. .SPACE is on a promotional sale of $6.99 $1.69 while .ONLINE is priced at $30.99 $7.99 for this month. 

We turned a decade old on the 17th of February this year. Undoubtedly the folks at ResellerClub are extremely enthused regarding this milestone. Therefore, we are running massive promos owing to our ‘Big Birthday Bash’. The ‘Big Birthday Bash’ promos received an unprecedented response via our multiple marketing channels and are a major factor contributing to the spike in registrations of the TLDs mentioned above.

We currently have promos on a bunch of other TLDs. You can take a look at the entire here. If you’ve got any queries regarding the report, let us know in the comments section below.


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