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Here are the numbers to sum up our final new gTLD report of the year, and I must say that things are looking a lot different. We have 5 new entrants for the month while .TOP and .XYZ have continued to stick to the positions for the entire year. The year end promos that were running was a causative factor for having 5 new entrants for December. So that’s something fresh! Let’s take a look at the break down of new gTLD adds for the month in the infographic below.

1) .TOP – For the past few months, .TOP has managed to take more than 50% of the new gTLD shares which has made it the best performing domain extension for 2016. So we got to give you guys a hand for making this happen. As usual, .TOP was priced at $0.49 for the month of December. Did you know that .TOP has a total share of 17.62% nTLD registrations globally (according to nTLD stats)?

2) .XYZ The world’s highest registered nTLD has taken 8.6% of the new gTLD adds in our report and was priced at $0.99 as usual (except for the Black Friday Promo). The total number of .XYZ registrations for the month of December are 1310. Also, .XYZ has a total of 6,656,760 all across the globe (according to ntld stats).

3) .WIN –  .WIN wasn’t in our list of top 15 new gTLDs for November and it managed to directly move to position 3 for the month. .WIN was priced at $1.99 and takes a total of 6.7% of the new gTLD adds for December as you can see in the infographic above. Globally, .WIN comes right after .TOP and ranks at position 3 (according to ntld stats).

4) .SPACE – .SPACE has moved up one position in December in spite of the Black Friday promo ending in November. Radix’s new gTLD ranks at 20 (according to ntld stats) and has total of 205,300 registrations globally (

5) .ONLINE – The domain extension moves to position 5 as compared to position 4 which it took last month. .ONLINE was priced at $4.99 in December and has been one of our consistently performing TLDs in our reports. Have a look at some killer stats in the image below:

.Radix Launch

We have new entrants this month like .LINK, .PROMO, BET as well as .PARTY! .LINK was running at a special promo price of $1.99 while .PARTY and .PROMO were priced at $1.99 & $2.99 for December. Just like last month’s report, the middle tier domain names are neck to neck with each other again. Radix’s .STORE as well as .BET are at par grabbing 0.7% each.

We’ve kickstarted 2017 with a several number of domain promos!

  • .TOP is running at a price of $1.99
  • We are introducing .SHOP at a special price – $6.99
  • You can get .FASHION for just $8.49 & .FIT for just $5.99
  • .CASA is running at a special promo price of just $2.99
  • Looking for a wider range of new gTLDs? Do have a look at our promos here

Which domain names do your customers prefer the most? Feel free to share your thoughts about our report in the comments section below.

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