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The report for the month of August is out & .SCIENCE proved a clear leader once again. With a registration share of a whooping 30% among 300+ TLDs, .SCIENCE doesn’t seem to be slowing down. In second place was .XYZ with a 10% share. .PARTY, .SPACE and .WEBSITE also made it to the top 5 TLDs for the month.

Here is the report with the Top 15 TLDs for this month:


*Registration numbers facilitated by ResellerClub

Although not in the Top 15 TLDs for the month, it is a must to mention .TECH, the newest TLD in the market with a fabulous start. We’re offering this TLD at a 70% discount so go ahead and register before the offer expires. For more of our domain offer, check out our domain promos page here.

Comment & tell us if you think .TECH will feature in the Top 15 TLDs for the month of September.


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