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Hey guys, the numbers for the first month of Q2 are out and our domain promos have rearranged the new gTLD standings for our report. .WIN has made it to the top 5 new gTLD adds for the month. .XYZ for the first time ever has moved to 5th place. We also have a new entrant for April. .NEWS has made it to our top 15 new gTLD adds across all markets! Do have a look at the breakdown of new gTLD adds below:

*Registration Numbers Facilitated by ResellerClub

  1. . TOP – .TOP was running at a special price of 90 cents in March. Despite the promo expiration and .TOP running at $1.99, the extension continues to remain number one and  grabbed a staggering 23.1% of the new gTLD adds across all our markets
  2. .CLUB – As expected, the TLD has moved up the charts owing to the $1 promo that followed through to April. .CLUB has moved from 4th position to 2nd as compared to March
  3. .WIN – The domain name moved up 3 places as compared to last month even though there hasn’t been a change in the pricing. .WIN managed to enter our monthly top 5 new gTLD adds and continues at $1.99 for April as well
  4. .GDN – The Global Domain Name was at 2nd place in March and owing to how well .CLUB and .WIN performed, it’s moved to position 4. This hasn’t affected the .GDN numbers though, it’s head-to-head with .WIN taking 9% of new gTLD shares
  5. .XYZ – For the first time ever, .XYZ is not leading the pack and has moved to position 5 for April. .XYZ continues at the usual $0.99 promo price. The reason it has taken a smaller share is due to the outstanding performance of the domain names mentioned above. April had some special promos that probably contributed to .XYZ being substituted

We also have new entrants for this month’s new gTLD report. .CLICK,  .LIVE and .NEWS were running at a promo price of $1.99 and $2.99 respectively. Our competitively priced domain names attributed to the shift in the positioning of domain extensions as well as the newbies for the month. .SHOP was not in March’s report and has made it for April’s.

Here are our promos lined up for May:

  • .LIVE and .NEWS continue at a flat price of just $2.99
  • You can get .XYZ for just $0.99!
  • Radix’s .FUN is priced at just $18.99 $11.99

Looking for a wider range of new gTLDs? Do have a look at our promos here. Our Domain Reseller program comprises of everything you need to boost your business. If you’d like to know more about what you can do with our platform, click here to know more.


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