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The month of April brought along a few surprises. It was awesome to see that some of the best performing domain extensions are just about 2 years old. We’re excited that the new gTLDs are catching up & with such speed! Let’s take a look at the highlights for the month:

1) .TOP is No.1 : Great job on the .TOP! The domain has done extremely well & .TOP emerged on top (pun intended ;)) with more than 50% of the total domain registrations for the month being for .TOP. This could be due to the huge promotion of 93% off on the popular extension. .TOP has stayed in the top 5 TLDs list for the last couple of months.

2) .XYZ is back: .XYZ has seen an interesting trend. The extension was at the top of the list in the beginning of the year, moved to the 15th spot in February and fell even lower in March. The good news is the TLD has made its way back up to the 2nd spot and this is because the TLD which wasn’t on promo since January had a 90% discount this month which accounts for the huge leap in registrations. If you haven’t had the chance to get .XYZ on promo, now’s the time to grab it before the offer ends!

.XYZ turns 2 this year & it’s a huge achievement how well the extension has been doing.

3) .CLUB takes #3 spot: .CLUB which did not feature in the Top 15 since January has made its way to the No. 3 spot. While there was a promotion on the TLD since January, the price further dropped from $8.49 to $2.99. This 64% drop seems to have contributed to the increase in registrations.

4) .DOWNLOAD makes the list: The extension slipped below the Top 15 mark in the month of March but has picked up in April. It’s common to assume that a long TLD might not do too well but this does not seem to be the case here. Relevance seems to be of greater importance in the case of the .DOWNLOAD.

5) Domains Sale Week impact: In the last week of April, we ran a flash sale on a couple of popular traditional TLDs like the .COM, the .BIZ the .ORG and while it’s common to assume that count of the new gTLDs would drop as a result of the increase in traditional TLDs count, the results were quite the opposite.

We did a comparison of the count of new gTLDs in Domain Sale week versus the week before the sale and here are the results:


In line with our expectations, while the traditional TLD count rose, the new gTLD count also rose by 20% leading us to assume that there is considerable demand for the new gTLDs & a new market for it!

Here’s a graphical representation of the whole new gTLD report for the month of April.

Let us know your thoughts on the same & if you think you can predict the No. 1 TLD for the month of May, we’d love to hear from you in the comments section below.

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