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To accommodate the Registry Price Hike announced by the .BIZ and .ORG Registries, we will be increasing the Prices for .BIZ and .ORG Domains from the 31st of March, 2011 at 12:30 UTC (Time in your country).

Following the hike, the Prices for .BIZ and .ORG will be as follows:

gTLD Base Slab Slab 1 Slab 2 Slab 3
.BIZ $9.99 $9.39 $8.89 $8.39
.ORG $9.99 $9.39 $8.89 $8.39

Please Note:
These new prices will be applicable on Registrations, Renewals and Transfer-Ins

Renew .BIZ and .ORG Domains before the 31st:

While Registry price hikes are an inevitable part of the Domains business, it’s our constant effort to reduce the impact of such price changes on your business.

With the Grand Renewal Rush currently running, we encourage you remind your Customers to renew .BIZ and .ORG Domains at your current prices.

This will not only help increase your renewal rates but will also enable you to receive up to $0.50 off on each renewal, if you meet your targets.