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One of the essentials of any platform/control panel is the ability to view accurate statistics & reports for any given time period. For a Control Panel like ours that takes care of Provisioning, Billing and a ton of other Automation tasks, intricate reporting functionalities can help Resellers take key decisions that drive business growth.

While we have always had the ability to generate a certain set of reports within the Control Panel, we have recently improved our CSV Data Export Tool and have added a whole new set of reports that you can generate.

Experience Faster & more Accurate Reporting:

With the revamped tool, you have a comprehensive reporting tool at your disposal. With this tool you can:

  • Generate reports for Customer/Reseller details, Transactions, Product Orders, Forex, Tax etc
  • Request for specific data based on a given time period for any of the reports available
  • Take advantage of 100% Accurate reporting that is tried and tested

Go take a look!

You can access the CSV Data Export Tool from your Control Panel Dashboard. This will take you to an interface from where you can choose the report you wish to generate and specify a time period.

Have you tried it yet?

We would appreciate all your feedback on this new and improved tool – Leave a comment and let us know what you think!