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I’ll be damned if I miss it, I’ll be damned if I miss it…

So, like all of you who know the value of a .COM domain (not the cost price), I have gone ahead and booked mine… or at least tried my best to… and yes, they were all taken.

I remember reading up on Harris’ Lament when writing it, and realized that almost all the .COM Domains, which remotely make some sense are already registered. Who would have thought a few years back, that any three letter word .COM Domain could fetch you thousands of dollars? So with the .COM Domains all registered, it only makes sense to promote other TLDs.

Ah… Coming back to the promotion then… The crazy .NET promo thats gotten us all dizzy in our little frenzy down here at ResellerClub. Even though we have just opened it up for you folks out there, the response received is incredible. Proud of the fact that I had a wacky imagination I was outdone by the .NET domains being registered, ranging from hilarious to innovative to a bit scary. Who knew that a little promo would jump start a reselling frenzy on a TLD that I though was almost maxed out.

Looking around the corner at all the ‘I want a .NET domain too’ folks queuing up, I can see this is going to be one heck of a selling spree.