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When fully qualified domain names conflict with similar domain names used in private networks, Name Collisions occur. Security risks or even system failures can be caused because of these Name Collisions. To mitigate or prevent potential Name Collisions, ICANN came up with the Name Collision Block List. For more details on this, click here.

The Name Collision Block List does help in combating collisions, but because of it, many domain names were unavailable during Landrush & General Availability. This sure might have restricted some of you from getting the domain names of your choice. But now this has changed, as the restriction will be lifted on 26th November 2014 and the domain names that earlier belonged to the Name Collision Block List for .Website, .Press and .Host, will be made available for General Registration!

With over 130,000 names on this list, we’re really glad that they are finally made available for registration. But do keep in mind that these names will be available on first come first served basis, so mark your calendars and get it before it’s gone!

Here is a snapshot of the kind of names that will become available:

.Website .Press .Host
administration bahama angel
analyze cafe blanca
anti ejournal blank
april freemarket brilliant
bookmark happy bud
challenge issue delta
classics middletown foreign
clients mobi hawaiian
commercial mode hi5
comparison org hispeed
consumer pentagon hrs
definitions roma hungarian
ginger shah innovation
graffiti sigma kickass
inspired southlondon latvian
jobportal static lowcost
lenders tangent modern
malibu undefined mundial
marvelous univ myvirtual
ola user nuevo

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Below is the total number of names available for each of the TLDS:

.Website: 10,526
.Press: 4,740
.Host: 118,528

Do note, that some names from the Name Collision List will be priced at a premium and some may be reserved by the Registry.  Names from the Name Collision List will be made available on Wednesday, 26th November, 2014 at 14:00 UTC onwards.

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