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We are delighted to announce the Verisign MobileView integration to our existing range of freebies with all new .COM and .NET Domain Registrations. MobileView is a superfast, dead-easy and automated way to offer your Customers a mobile friendly version of their websites in a jiffy.

Need for Mobile-Ready Websites:

With rising number of network subscribers using their mobile phones to browse the Internet, MobileView is the ideal tool for end-users to get a mobile site without having to lift a finger. There isn’t any need for development or end-user downloads. MobileView instantly creates a mobile-optimized version of the Registrant’s website and presents it on a sub-domain with an icon-based layout. It’s that simple.

Over the past few years, there has been a significant rise in the number of users using their mobile phones to browse the internet. Morgan Stanley, one of the formidable names in global financial services and industry trends, outlines that by 2013 the total number of mobile internet users will exceed to 1.8 billion and will surpass the number of PC users using the web. (source)

While there are developers that work on mobile optimized versions of their websites, inconsistent presentation and incompatibility are two traits that have hindered the mobile market. In this regard, MobileView has been able to help create a stable solution that offers an invariable experience for customers on any mobile device. With its icon-styled layout and phone-integrated features, MobileView is the perfect product for webmasters to reach out directly to their customers.

Pre-Integrated and Ready to Use:

MobileView has already been integrated into our system and is ready for provisioning. All new .COM and .NET Registrations will be provisioned along with an additional system generated mail that specifies basic steps for your Customers to activate their MobileView Account.

This all new free integration is one of our many initiatives rolled out in Q4. We hope that you are able to maximize your Domain Registration revenues by offering this product to your Customers.

We would love to know your thoughts on what MobileView means to you – Do leave a comment below.


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