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Don’t forget to set your Promo Prices in the Promo Engine to avail of .MOBI @ $6.99 for the first three years of Registration! Every .MOBI Domain comes with a free Sitebuilder and Instant Mobilizer so you get the complete .MOBI package at the best prices in the industry.

Promo Details:

    • This special pricing is offered to you through the ResellerClub Promo Engine. To avail of the pricing of $6.99 on .MOBI Domains, you need to set your Selling Price in the Promo Engine to not more than $8.99 for Customers and Resellers. If you do not wish to pass on the promo and set your Selling Price to a value higher than $8.99, your Cost Price will then be set to $8.99. For any further clarifications, please refer to our KnowledgeBase.


    • This Promo is applicable to the first three years of Registration only.


    • Renewals and Transfer-Ins will not attract this Promo Pricing.


    • There are no restrictions on the number of Domains that can be Registered during this period.


  • The Promo Ends on the 30th of December, 2009.