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As some of you might be aware, there was a hack attempt on ResellerClub’s website earlier today. At the onset of the attempt, we immediately undertook a flurry of investigative activities from our end to identify and mitigate the issue as soon as possible. We were able to successfully combat the hack attempt and had the website up and running quickly enough.

As always we want to be absolutely transparent about everything that happens at ResellerClub, and share the analysis of the hack attempt with you-

  • Firstly, there was an attempt to hack only the ResellerClub website and blog, and no other interfaces.
  • The hacker unsuccessfully tried to exploit a vulnerability that exists in the 3rd party CMS software that we use for our Website – the only effect being a tiny script that altered the index pages of our website, which resulted into the site not resolving to the right homepage.
  • Our core products and services (including your Control Panels, SuperSite, etc.) are well insulated against such vulnerabilities and were unaffected by this hack attempt. So were our databases and customer data – they remain untouched too.
  • Having said that, you can rest assured that we’re taking every precautionary measure possible to eradicate the possibility of a re-occurrence – existing security measures are being tightened and new ones are being implemented.

We will put up a detailed update sometime next week giving you more insight into this. We completely understand that this hack attempt has been a matter of concern for you, but at ResellerClub, the security of our systems has always been top priority for us. We assure you that we have all measures in place to not let any attempt at compromising the smooth functioning of your business or the security of your Customer data, be successful – just the way we did this time around.