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As we mentioned in our previous post, Mega Bargains Month is returning this September and we’ve got a lot going on this time around.
Best Slab Prices…

Starting from the 1st of September, 2010 right up to the 30th, Domains and Digital Certificates will be available at Best Slab Prices (lowest possible prices) with a Major Discount on Web and Email Hosting.

For the entire month of September, .COM Domain Names will be available for as low as $8.39 and thawte Digital Certificates at just $24. Take a look at the Best Slab Pricing for our products here.

…And Mega Hosting

As far as Hosting is concerned, we’re dropping the price on the Unlimited Windows Hosting Package to just $1.99 i.e. a discount of over 20%.

Signing Up?

There’s no need to sign up! The Mega Bargains Month Pricing/Discounts will be applicable to all existing as well as new Resellers for the entire month. We’re also providing Marketing Kits to our Resellers to be able to market Mega Bargains Month to their Customers. You can take a look at them here. Alternatively, you can check out some of our earlier collaterals at our Resource Centre. Feel free to use whatever you need 🙂

A little about Mega Bargains Month:

Mega Bargains Month is an Annual ResellerClub Promo. We started with it in 2006 and it’s been going strong ever since. We typically offer massive discounts on all our Products and Services during Mega Bargains Month as a way to ensure greater profits to all our Resellers.

Looking forward to a great September!

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