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A family is the most fundamental unit of society. It represents safety and growth, a family is what molds you to become all that you’re meant to be. .ME is the TLD that brings you & your family to the online world. How, you ask? The domain extension is all about associating yourself with that one thing you love, FAMILY! Think about it, you can have your own space on the Web exclusively for your family tree, for your predecessors and successors! That’s right, it’s like having your own little home in the Internet real estate.

All the reasons why you should get .ME

  • Stand Out from the Crowd: .ME adds a personal a personal touch while keeping your online presence unique
  • Short & Memorable: It’s a 2-letter TLD that’s easy to remember
  • Adds a personal touch: Get your family online and showcase what you love! Be proud of your roots!
  • Impeccable Registry Support: The .ME Registry will have your work featured on their blog & social media channels to support & promote YOU!

As of now, there is a total of 782,347 .ME domains registered all over the globe!

How Can You Use a .ME?

Why do we say the .ME is an optimal TLD for you & your family? You can get your family online by using your surname with the .ME extension, and share what you love doing! Flaunt your bloodties & your heritage with just .ME.

The ResellerClub Advantage

ResellerClub is offering the most preferred domain extension for your family’s online presence at just $23.99 $1.99 until the end of the month! It’s your one chance to get .ME at a staggering 92% discount!

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