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The domain extension that books your spot online for you & your entire family is here! .ME is the TLD that brings you & your family to the online world. The two-lettered domain extension could give your family a chance to be a single unit & make your presence felt. It’s your own ‘plot’ in the Internet real estate!

Why Should You Get .ME?

  • Stand Out From the Rest: .ME is unique & personal
  • Short & Memorable: The .ME domain extension is short & easy to remember
  • Makes it Personal: Get your family online as a single unit & proudly flaunt your roots
  • SEO Benefits: .ME enables the same Search Engine Benefits as traditional domain extensions
  • Incredible Registry Support: The .ME Registry will have your work featured on their blog & social media channels to support & promote YOU!

How Can You Use a .ME?

Why do we say the .ME is ideal as a TLD for you & your family? You can get your family online, under a single identity and flaunt your roots & your heritage with just the .ME. Get your family on the .ME extension with your surname.

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It’s a single identity for all your family members, it’s unique & memorable & it’s yours alone to own! Book your online space for you & your family!

Premium .ME Names

Premium .ME domain names are catchy marketing messages & by default, create calls-to-action. Their biggest advantage is their high recall value & multiplicity of meaning. Many premium .ME domain names are already successful online services with heavy website traffic.

Some examples of Premium .ME names include Fits.Me, Join.Me, About.Me.

The ResellerClub Advantage

ResellerClub is offering the much sought after domain extension at just $23.99 $3.99 till the end of month! It’s your one chance to get the TLD at a whooping 70% discount!

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