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A robustly configured DNS setup goes a long way towards ensuring that websites and other services function efficiently. We enabled Managed DNS as a Free service with a view to give users easy and enhanced control over their DNS setup – continuing with that effort, we have recently added 2 more resource records to this setup.


AAAA Records – all about IPv6


The currently prevalent form of IP addressing is IPv4 (where IP addresses look like; this format allows for roughly 4 billion unique IP addresses. Given the rate at which the Internet is growing, these IP addresses are fast running out. Its time to move on to the next generation upgrade, IPv6. This format is expected to be a significant improvement over IPv4, and more importantly, it supports as many as 3.4×1038 unique IP addresses! We would imagine that should be enough to last us a few centuries, at least. 🙂


It is obvious that given its importance over the coming years, any DNS service that does not support IPv6 is going to be deemed obsolete. Hence, we have added the ability for users to add AAAA records, which are similar to the current address (A) records but are rather specifically intended to point IPv6 addresses. Thus, a typical AAAA Record looks something like this:


domain.com 288000 IN AAAA 1234:1234:1234:1234:1234:1234:1234:1234


Has your ISP or host switched to IPv6 already? You can learn how to add the appropriate records using the free DNS settings for your domain names, from the ResellerClub KnowledgeBase.


SRV Records – advancing stability


An SRV Record (or Service Record) extends DNS functionality to enable location of services outside of the standard record types. These SRV records can be used to provide a great deal of flexibility and stability to services on a domain name.


Typically, these records refer to a particular service for a domain name rather than the domain name itself, such as XMPP, FTP, SIP and so on. They have found particular use in areas such as security applications and voice over IP. Using SRV records, you can use multiple servers to provide services. This ensures benefits such as mirroring and load-balancing and making it easy to switch hosts, thus enabling much better stability.


_xmpp-server._tcp.eg.com 86400 IN SRV 10 5 5060 chat.domain.com


Seems complicated? You will find detailed information about all elements of SRV records in the KnowledgeBase as well.


So there; all that you need to know about our upgrades.


Meanwhile, we’ve been contemplating a revamp to our existing KnowledgeBase; giving it a fresh new look. Here’s a sneak preview of what it’s slated to look like in the near future. Take a look:


Revamped KnowledgeBase


Stay tuned for further updates on this front too. 😉