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Last week we added MakeMySite, our brand new web design solution, to our range of Product offerings. MakeMySite is a unique, white labeled, build-it-for-me, web design solution that comes with an easy yet detailed website design process that allows our web designers and your Customers to collaborate and create amazing websites.

While creating this Product, we’ve taken a fair view of the web designing industry and tried to provide a web design solution that provides numerous design options for Customers to choose from and an interface for them to be able to track the design process from start to end. To top it off, we’re offering Maintenance Packages which give Customers the freedom to update, add and remove features from their websites at any time.

It is designed to allow you to offer web designing solutions without the need to hire any designing resources. The management and execution of packages is something our team will handle, all you need to do is concentrate on sales and marketing.

The MakeMySite DesignCenter:

Before we began work on this productified service, we did a lot of research on the kind of service that existing providers offer. The one thing that stood out for us was that a lot of providers sideline the Customer for a majority of the design process. To counter this, the MakeMySite design center includes various features that allow Customers to be absolutely involved in the creation of their website.

We have broken down the design process into 5 steps that help structure the entire project and make it easy to understand. At any point in time you know what the status of your website is and what will be required to complete it.

See it for yourself:

Take a tour of our Design Centre using the demo logins given below and see for yourself!

Login Details:
URL: http://www.makemysite.com/login
Username: TestingPurposes.com
Password: testing123

Placing an Order:

Contact your ResellerClub Account Manager or send us a mail at sales@resellerclub.com and mention the Domain Name and the type of package that you would like to purchase.

We’re also running an incredible introductory promo for the first 50 orders! You can get a Standard Package at $269 and an E-Commerce Package at $429 only!

For more information, please visit http://www.resellerclub.com/products/makemysite

You can also take a look at two of the websites that have already been designed through MakeMySite:

http://semestersilk.com http://simrantalreja.com

And the feedback so far has been positive too 🙂

“MakeMySite has been a great experience of simple and professional work. The teams involved were experienced and understood the design requirement, and the interface communicated the entire requirement with simplicity. Great Work!”

We would definitely love to hear your take on MakeMySite as well so feel free to leave your comments below.

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