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New gTLD Wishlist!

Since the time new gTLDs entered the domain name market in a big way over the past month, we recently shared some insightful statistics about the performance of each of the new gTLDs here. We have also discussed the Opportunities and Challenges for Domain Resellers with the introduction of so many new options in the Namepool. Today, we’d like to discuss how you can use our custom built ‘Wishlist’ feature to stay ahead of the competition and allow your customers to stay up to date on the upcoming new gTLDs.

What the new gTLD Wishlist enables you to do:

  • Easy-on-eye display of all available TLD options on a single page: With the new gTLD Wishlist, your customers can search, filter, classify and pick from the complete list of all new gTLDs in various stages of release and even those that are expected but not confirmed to release on a single, intuitive page!
  • Launch progress tracking and availability notifications option: Your customers can sign up to keep tabs on domain names that are in the process of launch and can sign up to be notified when a domain name that they are interested in becomes enters the next phase of its launch and is available for registration!
  • Market Creation: Use the wishlist to drive traffic to your website and engage your customers. The statistics from the wishlist can be used as a powerful tool to create content that will determine the course that the new gTLD market will take and can drive adoption rates of this new class of domains.
  • Gauge Market Sentiment and Demand: Once you have an reasonable number of entries on your wishlist, you can use the data to pre-empt launch stages and tailor your marketing efforts to TLDs that see higher interest and traction, from the upcoming launches! This will ensure focused marketing efforts and higher return on promotional investment and efforts.

How does one access the new gTLD Wishlist?

Your customers can directly add domain names to their Wishlist as well.

You just need to follow these two easy steps:

1. Enter domain name and select the extensions you are interested in for e.g. “mydomain”



2. Add your desired domain name extensions to your Wishlist. Save them to their Wishlist. You can save and reload Wishlists as needed. New gTLD Wishlist!

Your customers’ requests will be automatically tracked and they will be alerted about the launch of their desired extensions. Once saved, you and your Customers can always manage the Wishlist from the Control Panel, by pointing to:

For Resellers: Products > Domain Registration > New gTLD Wish-lists
For Customers: Manage Orders > New gTLD Wish-list

This feature went live on 17th January, 2014. For more information about the new gTLD Wishlist, click here.

With new so many new TLDs and brand new namespaces, it is unlikely your customer will not find his preferred string in a TLD that fits his needs. You just need to make sure you are able to recommend the right extension that matches the price they are willing to pay. Right now there is very little being done for market creation. There will need to be a conscientious effort from everyone in the chain to grow the market if we want to see real growth in domain volumes. Use the new gTLD wishlist and help your customers become aware of the various options available to them and boost the demand for these new domain strings in the market!

What are your thoughts on the new gTLDS? If you have any thoughts/queries, feel free to get in touch with us or leave us a comment below!