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For the past 2 months, our Control Panel team has been busy building an all-new Dashboard for our Resellers. Today, after countless iterations, designing, re-designing, coding, testing and bug-fixing into the wee hours of the morning, I am extremely happy to present to you a fresh, and rethought Dashboard for your Control Panel.

With this Dashboard we have optimized the home screen to provide essential data as well as crucial features that are used most frequently by Resellers. The design is simple and neat so as to create a task-oriented, intuitive and spacious interface.

What’s Changed?

  • Simplified Search
    A single search bar at the top of the page helps you easily jump to any Order, Customer or Sub-Reseller by Name, ID or Email Address.
  • Funds Summary
    A quick overview of your Funds tells you your Available Balance, Locked Funds and Pending Payments from Customers and Resellers.Also, you don’t need to dig around to Add Funds to your account anymore – you can now access this function at the touch of a button!
  • Manage Orders
    The dashboard also makes it easier for you to look up Expiring Orders. Under the ‘Manage Orders’ blurb you’ll see a ready-made list of your expiring orders complete with a Renew button!You’ll even be able to view all incoming Orders under the ‘Recently Added’ tab.

    Each order also has a handy ‘Preview’ button next to it that allows you see all essential order details at a single glance!

  • Announcements
    Ongoing Promotions
    are now displayed in a prominent blurb on the Dashboard. Moreover, only one Announcement will be displayed from now on in order to increase focus and reduce clutter.

There’s More!

Apart from revamping the Dashboard, we’ve also gone ahead and added a few more valuable touches to the Control Panel:

Global Search – You can now jump to any Order, Customer or Sub-Reseller from any page in the Control Panel by using the global search bar in the top right corner.

Funds Summary – You’ll be able to keep tabs on your Available Balance and Locked Funds from anywhere in the Control Panel. Moreover, this little blurb can also be used to Add Funds to our Account at any time!

We hope these changes make your work on the Control Panel more convenient and quick. So go ahead and play around with the new Dashboard and leave us your thoughts and comments – we’d love to know what you think!