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The previous articles on our API pretty much covered everything on the surface as to what our API is all about and, how it can be integrated. However, how does one keep track of the complex code available in front of you. One function calls the other, passes a certain value and finally displays the result obtained back. Sounds confusing?? Well, any API is bound to be, without the appropriate documentation! No surprises then that we have documented a comprehensive knowledgebase, making the integration relatively simple.

Anyone with basic technical knowledge will agree that it can get extremely confusing and tedious to maintain a log of the huge volume of data passed between functions. Keeping track of whether the data has been passed in the right format, and to the right location can be a daunting task. This is precisely where the API documentation plays a vital role. Looking through the documentation, it becomes extremely easy to comprehend the technical aspects of the integration, which in turn translates to a faster and a hassle free integration process.

While some programmers argue that reading through the documentation is a waste of time, the fact is, everyone does not have prior knowledge about coding and the technical knowhow to integrate the API. Without the documentation, you might probably land up integrating the API successfully. But a trial and error method of integration can be very time confusing and extremely frustrating!

We have taken utmost care to create documentation for our API kits so as to ensure that anyone, novice or expert, can integrate our API easily. In addition to the documentation, you can always get in touch with your API Manager to assist you through the entire integration process.