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Say hello to Weebly! We’re glad to announce a new addition to the ResellerClub Marketplace! We at ResellerClub understand what matters to you and your business; building smart and beautiful websites effortlessly. As a web designer or developer, what resource do you think you need the most? Let me answer that for you. It’s time. Client demands and deadlines can be cumbersome making it difficult for you to keep up with your projects. Fret not! We have just the solution for you. Let’s run you through what exactly Weebly has to offer you and how it can make your life hassle-free.

What is Weebly?

Weebly is a modern website builder that comes with a drag and drop editor, dynamic themes and much more. It’s the first website builder that has gone on to power more than 40 million websites that see a combined 325 million visitors each month. No matter who your customers are – artists, developers, students, lawyers or business owners, Weebly lets you build the perfect website. Let’s delve deeper into the features of Weebly.

Why Weebly?

  • Simplified Drag & Drop Editor – Weebly’s powerful drag and drop editor helps you to get websites up and running in minutes. All you have to do is, pick a template, drag and drop elements, add images, text and videos to get online instantly. It is not necessary for you to know how to code. Yep!
  • Free and Secure hosting on the Cloud – You can now, focus on what’s important, building professional websites. Manage and grow your business without worrying about downtime and load speeds
  • Powerful Tools & Amazing Plugins – Show off your creativity with beautiful photos and videos. Optimise your website with SEO and edit CSS/HTML with Weebly’s tools
  • Integrated Shopping Cart & Checkout – Ensure a delightful shopping experience with an integrated shopping cart with easy checkout to power your web application for maximum performance of your website
  • Inventory Tracking and Supply Management – Manage hundreds of products and show your customers the number of pending items with automatic shopper updates when items are out of stock
  • Simplified Transactions – Show your customers shipping costs and tax rates. Even offer coupon codes to incentivise your shoppers and drive sales
  • 200+ High-quality apps – Grow your idea with Weebly features extending beyond the builder. The App Center brings a wide range of new functionality and services directly to your website

Now that you know more about Weebly, let’s have a look at the plans and pricing.


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