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Get the power of CLOUD now on our data centers located in India! You can now enjoy faster load speeds by hosting closer to your audience with our geo-located Cloud Hosting! As promised, we continue to add new and improved products to the ResellerClub marketplace to empower web hosts and web professionals alike. Here are a few reasons why our Cloud technology can help you to take your business to the skies:

Why Cloud Hosting?

  1. Proximity & faster page loads – You can now cater to your customers’ needs closer to their home. Hosting closer to your customers means lesser latency which is brilliant for your customers’ websites & business
  2. Powered by SSD – What’s unique about our India-located Cloud Hosting? Experience a performance boost as our Cloud is powered by SSD (Solid State Drive)
  3. Flexibility – You are completely prepared for any bumps or dips in traffic. Expecting an influx of website traffic? No stress, you can monitor and allocate additional resources on-the-fly!
  4. Redundancy – We deploy tried and tested high-redundancy storage architecture to deliver tremendous reliability
  5. Fully Managed Support – Ready to harness the benefits of Cloud but not sure what that exactly means? Don’t worry, our team of expert support agents is here every step of the way. With our Managed Cloud Hosting offering, we take care of optimizing the cloud infrastructure so you don’t have to

Our Cloud Hosting consists of low-density servers coupled with Varnish caching layer to ensure that your customer’s website speed increases by two-fold! Now that you know a little more about our product, let’s run you through our plans and pricing.

Plans & Pricing

cloud hosting inda detacenters resellerclub blog pans and pricing

We have a lot more from where that came from! Sit tight because we have more products and integrations coming soon! For more information on our Cloud Hosting plans, please refer to our knowledgebase.

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