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It’s taken us a little time, but given the feedback that I’ve been seeing – we’re definitely on the right track!


I’m talking about our Hosting Product that has quite literally become the ‘most spoken of’ topic among several RC communities. We’ve had tons of mails from Resellers inquiring about this new Unlimited Plan, and every little detail of the same. I completely understand – it’s a big decision for anybody, if they’re to move from one company to another for what is considered by most to be their bread-and-butter. For this very reason, we conducted an exclusive Webinar last week, giving folks an insight on the evolution of this Product, the ‘Unlimited-ness’, a couple of suggestions on how it could be marketed, and the road ahead.


I’ve been with RC for the last 4 years, and have never really understood the resistance shown in partnering with the same company for both Domains and Hosting. I understand when some might say that focusing on both is an issue for any company, or that it’s not ‘wise’ to work with one provider for 2 of your most important Products – but I don’t think this should (can) apply to us. 😉


As a company that has been building cutting-edge technology for the last decade, you’re offered a good solution (Product and Price) for both these verticals. Over and above that, your Pricing gets even lower with larger volumes of any Product from ResellerClub. I wasn’t sure if all of you are aware of this – your Domain Pricing is also discounted by the number of Hosting packages you sell:


Number of Hosting Packages TR by Selling Hosting Pricing Slabs gTLD Pricing
$199 $9.49
10 – Hosting Packages $299 $499 $8.89
25 – Hosting Packages $747 $1,499 $8.39
50 – Hosting Packages $1,494 $2,999 $7.89


So all this was discussed in last week’s Webinar along with some other interesting items. If you happened to miss it, and are interested in learning more about our Unlimited Web Hosting Product, you could find it here.


I’d love to continue getting feedback from you’ll, and in case you would like to discuss this further – do drop in a line. 🙂


– Shridhar Luthria,
Manager, ResellerClub