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Choosing the right and optimum web hosting solution for your business is important for success and business continuity. While several web hosting solutions are available, businesses usually start with either Shared or Cloud Hosting at their website’s initial stage. 

However, as the website grows and gains more traction, it requires more hosting resources and features such as high flexibility, scalability, advanced security, and reliable performance. 

This is when Dedicated Server Hosting comes into the picture. As the name suggests, Dedicated Hosting hosts your website on a Dedicated Server with guaranteed resources. Thus, your website is the sole resident and user of this server—allowing it to leverage exceptional page speed, performance, uptime, and server security.  

But the problem is not every business can maintain and manage their Dedicated Hosting Server by themselves since it requires high server-level knowledge and expertise. So enters Managed Dedicated Server Hosting.  

This article discusses what Managed Dedicated Hosting is and its benefits for your business.  

What is Managed Dedicated Hosting? 

Fully Managed Dedicated Hosting allows you to host your business website on a powerful Dedicated Hosting Server; however, your web hosting company takes care of tasks like server management and maintenance on your behalf.  

Thus, it’s your web hosting company responsibility to handle all the backend technical activities—including server upgrades, regular backups, advanced security, uptime, and performance monitoring.  

Hence, Managed Dedicated Hosting is the perfect solution for businesses that need to host websites on Dedicated Servers and ensure their smooth functioning but don’t wish to get into the technicalities of server setup, monitoring, and overall administration.  

Let’s see how this hosting solution benefits businesses.  

Benefits of Managed Dedicated Server Hosting 

Here are the benefits and key reasons that make Managed Dedicated Hosting an ideal choice for your business.  

  1. Advanced security 

Online security is important for protecting your website against cyberattacks and online threats.  

With Managed Dedicated Hosting, the web hosting provider takes the utmost care of server security and improves website security to protect it from data and other security breaches.  

Your web hosting company handles everything from regular server upgrades, security patching, and running security updates.  

Thus, since it’s the web hosting company’s responsibility to protect your website against malware and other malicious attacks, you get guaranteed security with Managed Dedicated Server Hosting.  

  1. Excellent page speed and performance 

Since you need not share your hosting space and resources with any other website in Dedicated Hosting—it eliminates the risk of other website traffic affecting your website’s performance.  

Thus, slow speed and performance lag issues are eliminated in Managed Dedicated Hosting.  

Moreover, since you pay an additional cost for your server management, the web hosting provider runs frequent site speed audits, manages resource allocation per the traffic, and ensures your website experiences faster page loading speed and smooth performance.  

  1. Reliability and unmatched expertise  

Managed Dedicated Hosting allows you to have peace of mind that your Dedicated Server is being managed and taken care of by reliable entities—so you don’t have to stress about the technicalities related to server administration and maintenance.  

Your web hosting provider’s highly trained and expert technicians take care of everything from server setup, configuration, monitoring, hardening, migration, and more.  

  1. Saves time and money 

Suppose you choose Managed Dedicated Hosting but aren’t familiar with server management and administration. In that case, you’ll have to go through a steep learning curve and familiarize yourself with the ins and outs of server maintenance.   

Moreover, you’ll also need to learn to install the necessary software, take regular backups, ensure security updates, and do many other things while managing your website and its growth.  

On the other hand, Managed Dedicated Hosting frees up all this time and makes it easier for you to focus on critical business aspects—without concerning about server management.  

Moreover, hiring external professionals for server management— increases the cost as they charge an exceptionally huge amount to manage your Hosting Server.  

Thus, with Managed Dedicated Hosting, you get reliable hosting features, peace of mind, and guaranteed performance at a much more cost-effective rate.  

  1. Round-the-clock support  

Getting 24/7 on-demand support is one of the biggest perks of Managed Dedicated Hosting.  

In Managed Dedicated Hosting, a team of experienced professionals manages and maintains your server—and is available to assist you with technical issues or difficulties you might encounter with your website hosting journey.  

On the contrary, you’ll have to handle the technical issues yourself without a managed plan, and you cannot rely on your web hosting provider for the same.  


Even though Managed Dedicated Hosting costs more than its unmanaged counterpart—it offers the best value for money and multiple benefits to businesses that need a reliable web hosting support service.  

Managed Dedicated Hosting eliminates the need to control, manage, or maintain your powerful Dedicated Hosting Server—and provides you with the required time and peace of mind to focus on other crucial business aspects.  

Thus, if you lack technical expertise, an in-house team of experts, or cannot afford to hire external professionals—then opt for a reliable and secure Managed Dedicated Hosting solution from the right web hosting company.  

At ResellerClub, we offer Managed Dedicated Server Hosting with software and applications assistance, server security, monitoring, 24/7 advanced support, and more. So, check out our hosting solutions and choose a suitable Managed Dedicated plan for your website.  

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