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I was having a conversation last week with a few of the folks here at RC about how 2012 is going to an enormous year for us and hopefully for our Resellers too! We’re in the process of launching some of our most awaited products and features that I’m sure will help you boost your revenues and more importantly, your profits.

Some of you may already know about a few of our Product and Feature launches , but there’s a LOT more we’ve got in store for you this year and I can’t wait to share it with you! For this purpose, I’ll be conducting a Webinar on our Upcoming Products and Features on the 12th of January.

What you can expect with this Webinar:
Apart from giving you a sneak preview of our Hosting Product Roadmap for the year, I’ll also be taking you over our plans for the Control Panel Revamp, SuperSite V2 as well as plans for easier and better payment options for all our Programs.

Webinar Details:
Date – 12th January, 2012
Time – 16:00 GMT
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I strongly believe that all these new initiatives will go a long way in helping you gain a competitive edge in the Web Services Industry. More on all this in the Webinar and I hope to speak to you guys there!