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It’s been nearly 9 years since .ASIA was introduced to the world with the intent of giving the Asian populace an online presence. Helping individuals realize their potential by taking businesses online and connecting the community globally was a definite objective of the DotAsia Registry. Just think about it:

  • The current population of Asia is 4,445,380,094 as of Sunday, September 18, 2016, based on the latest United Nations estimates
  • The Asian population is equivalent to 59.78% of the total world population while the median age in Asia is 30.7 years

There has only been an increasing demand for the Asian-friendly domain name since its inception. In our previous blog we spoke about .ASIA’s newly appointed mascot, Ajitora. The cute feline is one arm of the registry’s marketing strategy to help boost domain registrations.

.ASIA has also managed to stand strong in spite of the new gTLD wave. I believe there are multiple factors contributing to .ASIA’s growth even though new gTLDs sales  are rampant. Let’s have a look at the reasons why:

Domain usage:

The Asian population is dispersed over a vast area of land and comprises of a diverse set of cultures, upholding them is one of the things they have in common. The registry, as you already know is a non-profit initiative, seeks to proactively help the Asian community by ensuring that individuals take their businesses/welfare programs online. Have a look at some popular websites below!

1) go.asia

  1. Martial artist/film actor Donnie Yen and his wife started a new online charity program on the 27th of July 2012
  2. Go.Asia has successfully brought Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution and United Nations’ anti-food waste program to Hong Kong and has raised awareness across the region
  3. “Think.Cook.Save.” is Go.Asia first school and community food & health education program focused on delivering free talks and cooking demonstrations to school kids
  4. Celebrities like Adele, Cate Blanchette, British rock band Coldplay as well as Hollywood heartthrob Tom Hiddleston have taken part in Donnie’s initiative

2) rebuild.asia

This initiative seeks to channel requests for support and offer assistance to regions in the Asia Pacific affected by disasters. This website enables you to request for power supply, networking equipment and other necessities in a time of crisis.

3) i-click Interactive(optimix.asia)

This is one of the top .ASIA websites according to domaintyper.com. i-Click Interactive is a Hong Kong based digital marketing agency. The company has fast become one of the best advertising technology companies in its sector.

4) give.asia

GIVEasia enables donors to give charities registered in Asian countries. Apart from that, it also supports crowdfunding for medical expenses, education, volunteering, adoptions etc.

As you can see from the above mentioned domain names and what they stand for, .ASIA clearly strives to take businesses to a new paradigm. There are no geographical boundaries, the domain name is open to anyone belonging to the Asian community irrespective of where they are on the globe. Based on September 2016 reports, .ASIA stands at number 11 in the world with 288,792 domain registrations(statdns.com).

Ajitora: Thumbs up for Tigers!

ajitora .asiaresellerclub blog

Since Tigers are symbolic to the world’s largest continent, dotAsia found it necessary to impart knowledge and awareness of how the Internet has an impact on wildlife conservation. This gave birth to Ajitora, the beloved mascot of the dotAsia registry.

The Tx2 movement we spoke about in our previous blog post (which aims to double the Tiger population by 2022), has pledged it’s collaboration with domain registrars across the world! Ajitora spoke at the 3rd Asia Ministerial Conference on Tiger Conservation in New Delhi, which was opened by Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India. Here’s what our friendly feline had to say:

“RRRAO!!~~ It is exciting to know that my cousins are on track for a wild comeback! But as my fellow Tiger Ambassador Leonardo DiCaprio mentioned in another report, there is still so much to be done. Statistics from TRAFFIC show at least 1,590 tigers seized by officials between 2000 and 2014, feeding a multi-billion dollar illegal wildlife trade. Much of which are moving online. I feel blessed to be part of the official agenda at this important ministerial meeting, and I am thrilled that the Internet community is joining hands to help in this cause.”

Another update from the wildlife conservation front is the collaboration of DotAsia with WWF in celebrating Global Tiger Day which is observed annually on the 29th of July.

The numbers continue to grow with Ajitora by their side. DotAsia Registry’s strong PR campaigns definitely adds momentum to their marketing strategy. With all these factors running in parallel, it’s understandable as to why.ASIA has been able to handle the new gTLD wave. Keep roaring and keep soaring.

What are your thoughts on Ajitora and what the registry has to offer to the community? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.



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