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Company: Int2000.usWe Spoke to:
Jack Daous, CEO
Website: www.int2000.net

Favorite Control Panel Feature: The promo engine because it allows us to be proactive to the ever changing aspects of the industry.

I Choose ResellerClub Because: they allows us to be competitive in the marketplace and grow our business every year.

Q1) When did you enter the Web Services Industry and where do see your business going?
Int2000 Inc., as the name suggests, was started in the year 2000. We experienced a lot of ups and downs at the outset but we persevered and did our research of the market trends and eventually found the right partner that can help us become successful. We started in Europe and have now entered the U.S. market, which we hope will result in more profitable years to come.Q2) Could you tell us some interesting stories or anecdotes about your company?
Jack Daous, CEO

The Web Services Industry is a rough and tumble affair. There were times at the beginning that we have some doubts about our prospects because it is very hard for beginners to penetrate the market but through hard work and perseverance and finding the right connections we were able to make it and thrive.
Q3) What do you believe is your secret to success and why do customers prefer Int2000?

Like any other business in the service industry, variety of services at competitive prices and reliable quality customer service make us very attractive to customers.
Q4) Tell us a little about doing business in Florida? What are the most unique aspects of the market?
We choose to operate in Florida because of its advantageous geographical location. Our office is located in the Fort Lauderdale area which is in the middle of the tri-county district of Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties. This area is well-known around the world for its beautiful beaches, five star amenities and year-round warm sunny weather. It also has international airports in each of the 3 countries that allow it to host numerous conventions and sports gatherings that will be part of our target market. This also allows us to easily get flights in and out to anywhere around the world especially since we do business also in Finland and Estonia.
Q5) Is there any advice that you’d like to give others that are still learning the ropes in the industry?
This is a service related business and as such if you provide good quality and reliable customer service, your customers will keep coming back to you and spread the word around among their friends. Make your customers happy and in turn they will make you happy on your way to the bank.
Q6) How important is Support to the Web Services industry. How has your experience with ResellerClub’s LIVE Support been?
Support is the main reason to thrive in a service related industry and ResellerClub’s LIVE Support has been very helpful through the years. There were earlier problems we experienced when we were starting our business but because of their proactive response to the problems we were able to solve them and everything has been very smooth ever since.
Q7) How has having ResellerClub as a partner helped your business?
When we started in the Web Service Industry, we were using a different company and we had a lot of problems that resulted in lost opportunities, but after we partnered with ResellerClub, our business has been growing every year. 2009 has been our best year so far and with our expansion into the U.S. market, we are hoping to grow by leaps and bounds. With the help of ResellerClub’s competitive pricing and reliable customer service we are assured that this will be a reality.

Thank you Jack for taking the time out to speak to us and I really hope that 2010 is as good as 2009 for you, if not better.