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Starting a business from the ground up is a tough task. You need to do your market research, find investors to fund your idea, decide on the branding and business name, register your business name, and much more. However, one of the most important things is setting up your website especially if you want to have a strong digital presence. For that, you need to register your domain name. Once you’ve finalised and registered your domain name, it is time to choose the hosting type. 

With multiple hosting options available it can be confusing which to opt for. Be that as it may, Cloud Hosting is one of the leading choices startups tend to choose. In this article, we will try to understand if Cloud Hosting is a good option for startups. Let us start by seeing what Cloud Hosting is. 

What is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud Hosting is a hosting type that connects multiple machines to each other via a common network, thus forming one large network. Your server resources like CPU, RAM and disk space are distributed amongst the users sharing the server space. Cloud Hosting is easily scalable, offers high speed and incredible performance. 

Now that we’ve seen what Cloud Hosting is, let us see the benefits it offers startups. 

5 reasons cloud hosting is a good option for startups

  1. Scalability 

Being a startup you may implement new functionalities now and then resulting in fluctuating website traffic. Scalability is an important aspect when it comes to hassle-free upgrade of server resources. 

The easy availability and scalability of Cloud Hosting allows you to upgrade your RAM and CPU resources with a single click as per the needs of the website traffic. 

2. Cost

Cost is of prime importance to businesses and more so when you’re a startup. Cloud Hosting is an affordable hosting option. If you’re comparing it with some other hosting options it may come across as expensive. However, given the features it provides, the pricing is considerably economical. 

Features of Cloud Hosting include fully managed hosting, resource monitoring, unmetered bandwidth, free cPanel etc. 

3. Performance 

In Cloud Hosting, there are multiple servers interconnected to each other. All these servers store copies of your data and the application load is distributed evenly. This process of replication is known as data mirroring. Hence, in case any server failure occurs your data isn’t lost. Moreover, the next available server takes the operations of the failed server without any server downtime. Thus, Cloud Hosting is reliable as there is no single point of failure and your website performance isn’t hampered.

4. Speed

According to a survey by Kissmetrics, a delay of 1-second in website page load time can cause a 7% reduction in the conversion rates. Thus, speed or the website loading time is of utmost importance, especially to startups. Along with this, website speed also affects your search engine ranking. 

Cloud Hosting boasts of incredibly powerful servers with in-built varnish cache. Varnish is a web simulator that enables faster page load. In fact, it can speed up website loading time by almost 1000%. As website speed not only enhances the customer experience but also impacts customer conversion rates, Cloud Hosting is an apt choice for startups.

5. Security

Website security is required to protect the website from several security threats such as viruses, DDoS attacks, malwares, worms, hardware failure etc. Although no hosting or security measure can provide 100% fool-proof security, Cloud Hosting assures a significant amount of security. 

This is due to the fact that Cloud Hosting provides data mirroring facility that helps in keeping your data secure. Here your data is replicated on 3 different devices on multiple drives so that even if one copy of the data is corrupted, you do not lose it (as the backup is always available). This safeguards your data, as well as, assures in faster data recovery and backup.


Starting a new business is a tough job and managing the website can add to the burden. However, with Cloud Hosting this is reduced to a significant extent. We hope you found this post helpful in understanding the benefits of Cloud and why it is the best option for startups. Once you choose Cloud Hosting the next logical move is to select the plan suited for your startup.

If you have any queries or suggestions, feel free to drop a message in the comment box below!

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