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The biggest, most exciting sale of the year is here! ResellerClub brings to you some exciting offers so you can Invest in Your Business and host with us! Just like you would hire the best talent, allocate capital and pick top resources for your business venture, we invite you to invest in robust hosting solutions to power your business on the Internet!  

Take this opportunity to get high-quality service, state-of-the-art hosting and premium addons at affordable prices. Boost your business and make the most of this sale. Gear up for 6 days of massive discounts from 25th November – 30th November 2021. Get up to 65% off on our products! 

Discounts on Hosting 

Got a domain name but not sure where to start? Host with us and get your business online! Get up to 65% off on web hosting. 

  • Shared Hosting – up to 65% Off  
  • Cloud Hosting – up to 65% Off 
  • WordPress Hosting – up to 35%  
  • Free Google Workspace with every hosting 

Want to start your own Reseller hosting business? Now’s your chance! 

  • Reseller Hosting – Up to 35% off 

Discounts on Servers   

This Black Friday Cyber Monday sale, we also have discounts on Servers. 

  • VPS Hosting – up to 60% off  
  • Dedicated Hosting – up to 30% off  

In keeping with the ResellerClub promise to bring the best-in-class and latest products, we also have a bunch of server enhancements.  

Acronis backup: ResellerClub partnered with Acronis Cyber backup, a robust, reliable Cloud back up add-on service to ensure and safeguard your business’s credibility and stability. The benefits of Acronis include: 

  • Superior and on-demand backup solution 
  • Fast and reliable website recovery 
  • Strong defence against ransomware 

And so much more! We have all the details here

Managed services: Another exciting product we brought this year was the launch of Managed Services on VPS and Dedicated HostingManaged Services take care of all your server needs to free you up to focus on your business.  

  • A server support team that takes care of setup and migration  
  • Expert support for pre-hardening of server and security 
  • 24/7 server monitoring and management  
  • Technical expertise and customised solutions at your beck and call 
  • Proactive support for security, upgrades & optimisation 

Get discounts on Managed Services in our Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale.  

Addon Storage on VPS: This Block Storage product gives you scalability and flexibility to use the storage as per your need. Some of the benefits with this product include: 

  • Highly Available & Remote Storage 
  • Choose the Exact Size 
  • Use multiple volumes with a VPS 

Grab these discounts on Servers before the sale ends! 

Discounts on Domains & Addons 

We’re also happy to announce our Black Friday offers on domains & addons: 

  • Domain offers on .BIZ, .CO, .CLUB, .DESIGN 
  • Business Email – 40% Off  
  • Google Workspace – 40%  
  • SSL Certificates – up to 60% Off   

We hope you make the most of the Black Friday Cyber Monday sale, available from 25th November – 30th November 2021. Host with ResellerClub. Invest in Your Business. 

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