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JavaScript is the most powerful scripting technology, which is used extensively by developers, especially Aurelia developers in modern interactive web development. According to the latest client-side web development statistics, the ratio of JavaScript technology in the client-side web development stands at about 96.2% of the total client-side programming technologies. At the time of writing this article, the total number of JavaScript-based repositories on GitHub were about 57 million and counting.

To cater to this gigantic demand, hundreds of new JavaScript frameworks, libraries and tools are introduced in the marketplace. Among such frameworks, the Aurelia JS framework is very important to talk about.
Aurelia Framework Background
Aurelia is an open source next-generation JavaScript platform, which is powered by rich features, capabilities, and modern JS modules. It is developed with ECMAScript and supports latest software development standards like DOM, W3C Web Components, ES2015+ and others.

Aurelia JS is JavaScript framework, which offers numerous features and capabilities that other frameworks are unable to provide. The Aurelia JavaScript framework was introduced back in 2015 by Rob Eisenberg an industry veteran, who earlier extensively worked on the Angular JS platform. The JS Aurelia platform is one of the flagship products of Durandal Inc.

Having extensive experience with the existing JavaScript platforms, their flaws and bottlenecks, the company introduced a next-generation JavaScript framework that has modern JS modules to develop powerful mobiles, browsers and desktop applications fast and reliably. This platform offers the Aurelia developers greater flexibility and leverage to create professional grade applications smoothly.

Features of Aurelia Framework
Aurelia Framework is well known for its great features and capabilities that it offers to Aurelia developers and enterprises. Some of the salient features of JavaScript framework Aurelia are given below:

  1. Supports the creation of custom HTML elements and also supports adding custom attributes to the existing HTML elements
  2. It is fully independent of the external dependencies and supports inbuilt unit test as well as the end to end testing capabilities.
  3. Highly extendable nature of components, that can easily be adjusted and dropped out of your design to make your application precisely fit the desired requirements
  4. Supports multiple tools, set of plugins, dynamic UI composition and much more
  5. It is in compliance with open web standards like W3C component templates, DOM API and ES5/ES6
  6. A comprehensive development platform with the desirable capabilities like routing, templating, dependency injection container, modal dialogues, validation, UI virtualization and others
  7. It is conformable to integrate with the other popular JavaScript platforms, libraries, and tools, such as ReactJS, JQuery, Materialize CSS, Polymer and others

There are many other good and attractive features of Aurelia that make it a great JavaScript platform for the software developers in the modern web development industry.

Successful Aurelia Project Samples
There are many successful project samples that are doing well in the marketplace. Among such projects, a few are mentioned below:

DingoPM Website
It is a project issue tracking and resolution website, which helps resolve project management issues fast and accurately. It is a cloud-based service where the stakeholders of the project are invited to an interactive page with many features like issue tracking feed, discussion forum, issue status and many others. It uses Aurelia components that create a good user experience.

BeatMaker Website
This website is developed by using the latest Aurelia components. It is a web-based drum machine and audio synthesizer software, which can help you create beats and audio synthesizers for your music projects respectively. It is also a good that uses different kinds of controls on a simple GUI interface to create the desired beats.

Hacker News Clone
This website is a news feed for hackers’ recreation and updates. It was created by using TypeScript on the Aurelia platform. It uses web pack as the bundler of function modules on this website. It is not only a great looking website, it’s also popular among the hackers.

How is it Different from Other Similar Frameworks?
As we know, there are hundreds of JavaScript platforms in the marketplace, which offer different kinds of capabilities to the software developers and are also very popular with the developers. So, what is special for the Aurelia JavaScript platform that makes it stand out from the others? Here are the main capabilities of Aurelia framework that make it stand unique from others!

  1. It is a comprehensive platform that allows developers to create a customized platform, controls and applications with full freedom of creativity
  2. It offers great testing capabilities, such as unit test, integration test, end-to-end test and others
  3. It offers powerful server-side router for great traffic management
  4. It has a large library of small modularized codes that make it more useful for creative designing
  5. It can easily be integrated with other JavaScript platforms, libraries and tools
  6. It is faster than any other JavaScript platform in the marketplace. It offers blazing fast rendering speed and efficient use of memory due to many enhanced features
  7. It is the only platform in the market that allows you to develop numerous components with plain vanilla JavaScript/TypeScript
  8. It is built on the open web standards, which allows you to transition your application to new standards without any big modification in the code; so it is one of the forward-looking platforms in the marketplace.

Developers’ Impression about Aurelia Framework
One of the advantages is the modular and small functions of the Aurelia JavaScript framework as compared to other frameworks that use the monolithic approach for bundled components. This provides great flexibility and relief to the developers. The router capability is one of the most powerful examples why Aurelia leaves a good impression on the minds of developers.

Another feature of Aurelia is the MV approach, which is unique as compared to other platforms. Developers are not required to define specific controllers for view-models. Only the naming convention is sufficient for the view-models. This saves time and effort.

You don’t need to have a physical router for data-driven UI composition and dynamic routing while using Aurelia framework. It can be accomplished through a highly powerful server-side router, which can handle multiple numbers of routes via router-view (RV) component. So, using Aurelia saves a substantial amount of cost for the developers and enterprises for using the routing functionality.

Some other major features that left a great impression on the minds of developers include the support of numerous computer programming languages, extensible HTML, and data-binding capabilities. Many enterprises seek to hire the Aurelia developers for their JavaScript-based projects owing to powerful features, strong capabilities and numerous advantages it offers to the businesses.

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