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Having used the ResellerClub platform for your business, you are aware of the many crucial factors that give your Domains & Hosting business a leg up. You could be an expert in some of these skills while you might have sought professional assistance in some others. We are now glad to announce the launch of a platform where you can seek help from experts or offer your expertise to other Resellers in our ecosystem!

The ResellerClub Service Providers Platform which enables you to :

  1. Get professional assistance to power your Reseller Business from highly relevant providers who have context of the ResellerClub platform and boast significant domain expertise!
  2. Enlist to become a Service Provider and offer your skills to other Resellers on our platform: All you need to do is, <fill in a form>, and you will be listed as a Service Provider for your chosen skill set post review. You can potentially gain access to a market of our reseller base of 200,000+ who seek assistance in setting up / maintaining their domains & Hosting business.

It really is that simple. As a reseller, you can directly offer/avail of services that include design/web development/marketing etc. directly without any intervention from ResellerClub. Think of us as just a serving plate offering you a variety of items to pick and choose from, all so you can enhance your business!

Services Offered:

We’ve started off with providing you services for 4 key areas that we believe are essential to an online business:

1)      Design

2)      Development

3)      Marketing

4)      SEO & SEM

Here are some of our Featured Service Providers:


India’s leading ad technology and analytics company offers services in design and marketing to offer you top notch services through our platform by building algorithms to manage performance driven marketing spends on paid search, social and display networks.


This easy-to-install plug-in with support for hosting plans, billing control, product set-up and user friendly management interface is the design and marketing solution for your business.


The one stop destination for WordPress, HTML, WHMCS & more themes and WHMCS addons. Your marketing and design service providers.


To take care of all your marketing and SEO/SEM needs, Google AdWords is the service that is second to nobody in this space!

To Summarize:

This program pioneered by ResellerClub aims at leveraging the knowledge pool of resellers part of our ecosystem as well as subject matter experts who can meaningfully contribute to our Resellers towards making your Domains and Hosting Business more efficient and profitable. We expect to have a wider base of professionals whose services you can use, over the coming months. The objective of this program is two-fold: to help you utilize your core competencies & help other resellers on our ecosystem & explore an additional revenue channel along the way; and, to boost your business by enabling you to use services offered by experts.

There is no listing fee associated with this program & and all transactions are directly between the service provider and the recipient! We at ResellerClub are merely enabling this platform and this feature is aimed solely at making Reselling easier and more lucrative! We’re all about giving you the chance to showcase what you’ve got and allow others to leverage your experience in the industry by what you have to offer!

To find out more, click here!

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