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With the growing number of businesses online, ResellerClub as a business enabler helps organizations to grow and develop in these markets, which further contributes to the growth of internet usage. Join us and be a part if this tremendous internet growth as the market continues to evolve and thrive! In this blog, we analyze and take a look at the internet users around the globe with the help of facts and statistics!

The Internet has cut down distances and made the world a smaller place to live in. It has turned into the biggest source of information for millions of people across the globe, whether it is at home, school, or at work.

Almost 40% of the population, all over the world, has an internet connection today. In 1995, it was not even 1%. The growth of internet users has been tenfold from 2000 to 2013. The number of internet users reached the first billion mark in 2005, while 2010 saw a whopping two billion users.

This number is all set to cross the three billion mark by the end of 2014. However, not all countries have made the most of the Internet to the same degree.

          Internet Users in the World – Growth & Future Prospects


Although these figures show an incredible growth in internet usage, there are many countries that still have a very low penetration rate. According to this data, around 45 percent of the world’s internet users belong to Asia, out of which China, India, and Japan alone have more Internet users than Europe and North America combined.


At present, China is the country with maximum number of internet users (642 million) representing almost 22% of total internet users in the world, which is more than the number of users from US, India and Japan combined!

Speaking of the top 20 countries, India is the one with the lowest penetration, i.e. 19% but with the highest annual growth rate. On the other hand, United States, Germany, U.K., France, and Canada have the highest penetration rate.

Drivers of Global Internet Usage

The growth rate is mostly due to the rise of technology, especially in developing countries where cellular data subscriptions account for 78 per cent of the world’s total. Internet usage across the globe continued to magnify at a tremendous rate of 106 percent during the 2006-2013 period.

By the end of 2015, the number of Internet users worldwide would cross the 3 billion mark which means at least 42 percent of the population will be connected to the Internet, a massive leap from 17.6 percent in the year 2006.

blahThe key factors driving the growth of internet usage include Urbanization, technological advancement, education, younger population, and the diversity of content available on the internet.

Internet is dynamic. It is changing all the time. The thing that has bought this Internet revolution recently is possibly social media and the advent of smart phones. These two entries have transformed the way people use the Internet. Social media has given internet users a new way to communicate.

Mobile phones have made using the Internet easier, thereby increasing the number of Internet users all round the world. The proliferation of smart phones, tablets, connected hand-held devices, and smart PCs is pushing the demand for internet connectivity. By 2015, it is expected that there’ll be 15 billion network connections via these devices.

As far as India is concerned, the country is expected to further push the number of internet users on a global platform, as India witnesses a rising point for ecommerce. The fact that the country saw a 230% increase in the number of internet users in the last 5 years makes it very clear. Given the rate of growth, India is expected to surpass the US as the second largest internet population by the end of this year.

As internet usage and penetration grows, there would be more business for you and more business for us in these various internet markets! We hope this blog has helped you understand the markets better, do leave your feedback in a comment below!