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At ResellerClub, we have always tried to ensure that our services are not used for malicious purposes. In doing so, we have worked with some of the most respected organizations in the anti-abuse community to share intelligence and facilitate prompt action on problem domains.

One such eminent organization that we collaborate with is Legitscript.com, whose mission is to identify and expose illegal pharmacies on the Internet. Recently the LegitScript team shared with us some very encouraging results.


In its efforts to combat illegal pharma sales online, LegitScript maintains and tracks a database of rogue Internet pharmacies. Six months ago, over 13% of domain names in their database were registered through ResellerClub. Today, after working closely with them to remedy this, only about 0.5% of domains (in their database of about 36000) are registered through ResellerClub! The most encouraging factor in this exercise was that off all the sites that were shut down in this period, 75% have remained shut. Meanwhile, the 25% that did turn back on, largely did so at other Registrars.


The menace posed by the sale of potent, even dangerous drugs without proper prescription is undoubted, not to mention its obvious sidekicks (spam, anyone?). We have a conscious commitment to prevent the use of our services for such purposes. One factor that must be emphasized in this regard is the aid and cooperation that our Resellers have provided in combating these abusive domains. We are absolutely grateful for this; it gives us renewed vigor to work towards making the Internet a safer place.

So, if you see spam messages peddling cheap pills in your mailbox again, remember that you are doing your bit to make sure they are dealt with 🙂