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The most awaited promotion is here….

When we launched the .INFO promotion the first time, the response was astounding. I still remember the day after the .INFO prices went down the last time. It was like any other day at work… I walked in, switched on my computer, sipped my coffee and checked the previous day sales. All I saw through the entire sales sheet was .INFO, .INFO and more .INFOs.

We had promised the Registry a certain target, for which we had a whole marketing campaign in place, and were all geared up to push the .INFO Sales like never before. After seeing the sales figures on the first day itself, we realized we didn’t need to do anything at all! .INFOs were a lot more popular than we thought… And during the promotion it even made the mighty .COM bite the dust.

This time around, we again look forward to the same madness. .INFOs are available at $1.69 (need I say more :))