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It’s been 16 years since .INFO was introduced to the world. The rollout of the .INFO new gTLD had commenced on July 25th, 2001; the first new gTLD Sunrise Period to ever occur and registrations hit an impressive 300,000 on September 30, that very year. With the number of Internet users gaining momentum, businesses and individuals needed a new territory to create and share vital information. Owing to a high demand for fresher, globally recognized domain names, .INFO came into being. Let’s have a look at the history of the domain extension for a clearer picture.

.INFO – The First and Most Successful New gTLD

Did you know that the first ever .INFO domain name was www.afilias.info?

The domain extension managed to achieve tens of thousands of new domain names on October 1st, 2001 (this marked the beginning of .INFO’s General Availability). By November 17, 2002, .INFO reached more than one million registrations. It only took a little more than a year for it to hit the million mark!

Why .INFO?
  • It’s one of the most popular generic TLDs on the Internet
  • It’s synonymous with ‘information’ and is intuitively recognized irrespective of language
  • .INFO has global appeal and has been registered in 99% of the world’s countries
  • It’s the perfect TLD for news portals and is the logical choice for individuals  creating information oriented websites

Internet users all over the world need fast access to information, and .INFO surely is your customer’s go to domain. According to domaintools.com, .INFO stands at number 9 having a total of 5,433,469 registrations so far.

Top 25 gTLD count apart from .COM (Global)
info-domain-stats info


The ResellerClub Advantage

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