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In keeping with the latest Afilias anti-abuse report, we thought we would bring to your notice some rather interesting statistics. In its recently published Global Phishing Survey, Anti-Phishing Work Group (APWG) stated that .INFO had the lowest phishing rates amongst the gTLDs measured in this survey.


The Global Phishing Survey is said to analyze the APWG phishing attack repository and other related data sources comprising a comprehensive archive of phishing activity. The report stated a cumulative of 56,959 phishing attacks worldwide in the second half of the 2008, hosted across 30,454 unique Domain Names. Phishing was reportedly said to have taken place in 170 top-level domains (TLDs). A phishing rate is said to be a standard measure for the number of detected phishing websites for every 10,000 Domains registered, indicating the levels of phishing in TLDs. The attack duration, on the other hand is said to measure the amount of time a phishing website remains online- the longer one stays online, the more the unsuspecting users may fall victim to these cyber criminals.


We were glad to see these efforts coming from the Registries themselves and even more glad to claim our place in the anti-abuse front. LegitScript released similar reports a while back and applauded us for our efforts. We too have been doing our bit for the world, just like we promised; our monthly anti-spam numbers playing testimony to that. Do keep a tab on them as we’ve gotten rather religious with their publication 🙂