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We at ResellerClub have always believed in helping our resellers offer the widest variety of services to our customers. We are excited to announce the addition of one more TLD to our portfolio. We now bring you the chance to buy premium domain names in the newest Indian TLD – .In.Net at Landrush prices! .In.Net Domains are here to provide a Global yet Indian Domain Name to Indians and Indian Businesses seeking to establish a unique online identity for themselves.

Internet usage in India has boomed over the last decade. India is now the 3rd Largest country in terms of internet users. The number of internet users in India is expected to nearly triple from 125 million in 2011 to 330 million by 2016. More and more Indians are now turning to the internet to establish an online presence. With the exhaustion of good names in major TLDs like .com, .net , .in and others, they are forced to compromise by opting for longer and less brandable domain names.

Why register an .In.Net Domain?

  • Availability: IN.NET registrants can be sure of finding a desirable and short domain name of their choice on a fresh, new namespace that is unrestricted and open to everyone in the world
  • .In.Net is a Secure and High Quality Namespace: The well defined Acceptable Usage Policies, Dispute Resolution Mechanism and Abuse Mitigation Processes ensure that .In.Net Domain Registrants will get the advantages of higher recognition and better branding
  • .In.Net has exceptional service levels: Registrants of .In.Net have an assurance of a scalable, resilient registry with 100% uptime, low latency, and exemplary security standard

This domain extension will allow Indians to create a strong global presence on the internet with their desired names. .In.Net is aimed to be a generic TLD for Indians with no preconception of meaning whatsoever, no theme, no categorizations, no restrictions of use.

5 reasons why you cannot afford to ignore the .In.Net landrush:

1. Participation is risk-free: Unlike other launches, .In.Net’s landrush has NO application fee. If there is someone competing with you for the premium name, you can choose to go into auction with them or you can walk out with a full refund.

2. Low price and no reserve: The landrush is priced extremely low keeping in mind that it is a third level extension. You are likely to get some premium names at lower than Rs. 1500. From that point, there is a lot of room for upside as the name space grows.

3. We’re pushing it aggressively: ResellerClub is making an aggressive push for .In.Net through its massive network of resellers in India. You can expect a decent uptake in the primary market at the expense of 3rd level .in names. Since the primary markets are always closely tied to secondary markets, valuations of premium .In.Net names can be expected to steadily grow from their low entry point.

4. No new Indian city-specific new gTLD coming: While most of the developed countries will be getting their own city-specific new TLDs such as .nyc, .vegas, .paris and .rio, there isn’t a single new city or geo-specific Indian TLD that is coming up. The lack of new competition eliminates the risk of new TLDs driving down the value of premium names.

5. Mitsu just brokered a $30000 third level .in sale: This deal proves that if you have the foresight to choose the right names, third levels can provide big returns. Over the next 3 years more than 6 million new domain names will be purchased by Indians. Scarcity in primary generics and .in will get to a point where short and unforgettable third levels can become sought-after properties.

Only the last 15 days are left for the .In.Net Landrush period. Click here to make the most of this opportunity!

Pre-Orders for .IN.NET General Availability Now Live

The .IN.NET Registry will open for Genaral Availability on 1st August, 2013 at 10:00 AM UTC. However, we are giving you the opportunity to accept pre-orders for .IN.NET Domain names @ Rs. 390, helping you improve your customer’s chances of getting domain names of their choice!

The biggest advantage of submitting a pre-order is that your customers don’t need to go through the hassle of trying to register good quality names manually when the Registry opens up. What’s more? Pre-ordering .IN.NET Domain names is completely Risk Free! If for some reason we are not able to grab the name requested, a full refund will be processed. So go ahead, make the most of this opportunity and start accepting .IN.NET pre-orders for General Availability today!

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