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It’s with great excitement that I am writing this post. With every promotion, we have always aimed at one thing – providing our Resellers with some of the lowest prices in the industry, and in turn enabling them to sell even more and expand their business in this competitive industry. And with the .IN promotion, our Resellers have done just that… And more! It’s hardly been a fortnight since the promotion started, and the .IN sales have more than tripled (read: an increase of a whopping 370%).

I would like to point out here – that we have started advertising this promotion to ‘outsiders’ (I can’t help, but look at our Resellers as a communion of sorts) only today. And seeing these figures, I am not even sure if we need to!

We really have nobody to thank apart from you Resellers, who make our business association such a pleasure. As most of you might already be knowing, we are very soon launching the .NET promotion. All through the promotion, .NET Domain Registrations, Renewals as well as Transfers will be available to you at just $4.99. We’ll keep you posted of the promotion on