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We have made a couple of changes to the SuperSite to incorporate special TLDs with our existing Purchase Process. The details of the same are as follows:


Modifications made – Their impact on the SuperSite

On performing a Domain Search, the ‘Check Availability’ page will display a small FAQ pop-up link next to specific TLDs that function differently from the normal TLDs.

For instance, when you purchase a .TEL Domain, Web Hosting would not be required to build, manage or host the Domain. This is because of a special feature that allows individuals and businesses alike, to store and manage all their contact information and keywords directly in the DNS.

Similarly, other TLDs having special features will display a pop-up link that will take Customers to an FAQ page with relevant information.


Necessary changes that need to be made at your end

You will need to make a few simple changes in your SuperSite Admin Area to implement these modifications. After logging into the SuperSite Admin Area, follow this path:


Dashboard » Manage Site » Edit/Translate Content Pages » Products » Domain » Domain_registration » Check_availibilty.html


  • If the Status displayed is ‘Modified by You‘, this means you have made certain changes to this part of the page. You will then need to click on Edit » Reset to Default, and make your changes again.
  • If the Status displayed is ‘Default‘, no changes need to be made at your end.


Please do not forget to Reload your SuperSite Cache after these changes have been made.


Important: Please ensure to make these changes by March 21st, 2009 to avoid any errors in the functionality of your SuperSite.