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At ResellerClub, it is our constant endeavor to help secure and fortify your business. Simple measures such as regularly changing your password can go a long way in protecting your business from the risks of losing sensitive data. Towards this end, we are resetting all user passwords across the OrderBox control panel as well as establishing a new password policy.


At 05:30 UTC on 28th April 2009, all passwords will be reset across all user accounts. Once the reset process is complete, the next time you attempt to login, the system will display a message stating that your password has expired and a new password will be sent to your email account. This password change will also occur for all Customer accounts as well as Company accounts on your system.


For API users: Please note that API calls with the old password will continue to work till the new temporary password is generated. Once the temporary password is generated, the old password will not work.


New Password Policy: We are also introducing a new password policy whereby every new password must have a minimum of 8 characters which must be a combination of alphanumeric characters. Additionally, we have also introduced the Password Strength Meter which allows you and your Customers to gauge the strength of your passwords and therefore ensure that your password cannot be easily guessed.


We are taking the above steps in order to help protect your interests and ensure that your Reseller business is secure.


We apologize for any inconvenience caused and hope that this helps add stability to your Reseller business. For any clarification that you might need, do feel free to write in to/contact us.