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On the 18th of April, we will be changing the IPs of one of the Nameservers that are currently being used as the fully branded Nameservers. Read on further to know more about this change:

How will this change affect you?
When the IPs for the MARS Nameservers are changed on the 18th of April, the old IPs will not resolve any more. Hence, if you have not made the necessary modifications by the 18th of April, the services that you offer through us may be affected.

What modifications need to be made?

  • If you are currently using Partially Branded Nameservers, you will not need to make any changes, all modifications will be made automatically.


  • If you are using Fully Branded Nameservers, you will need to update the A records and the Child Nameservers of Name Server4 as mentioned below:


    1. Modify the A records associated with the Domain you have mentioned in the Name Server4 field, under ‘Use Branded Name Server’, to the following:,, can find the Nameserver Field from the following path:
      Reseller Control Panel >> Settings >> Nameservers>> Use Branded Name ServerFor instance: If you have entered ns4.xyz.com as the Nameserver in the Name Server4 field, you will need to navigate to the DNS package associated with xyz.com and modify the A records associated with ns4.xyz.com. You will need to change the IPs in the A records as described below:

      Change IPs from:



  • Change the IPs in the Child Nameserver details of the Domain mentioned in the Name Server4 field to those mentioned in the above table.



How do you benefit from this?
This change is part of our constant efforts to better load balancing and increase redundancy to meet the demands of an ever-increasing Reseller base. These changes will only go further in bettering the services that you offer to your Customers and Sub-Resellers.

We urge you make the changes at your end well before the deadline of 18th April to ensure smooth functioning.

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