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This post is a reminder for the NameServer IP Change that we had announced in our previous blog article. As announced earlier, the IPs of our MARS NameServer were to change on the 18th of April.


As a precautionary measure, we delayed the date of this change to ensure that none of our Resellers are adversely affected by it. However, further monitoring has revealed that some of our Resellers are still using the older IPs.


This is to inform you that on Tuesday, 19th May ’09, we will be completely deprecating the use of the older IPs. The business of those Resellers who continue to use these deprecated may be negatively affected.


For more information on any of the following:



  • How this change will affect you
  • Modifications that need to be made at your end
  • Benefits accrued from this modification



Please visit our previous blog post on the same.


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