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We all want to make one of most the frequently visited pages of our customer’s website, a killer one! The About Us page is one of the most important pages on your customer’s website. It is an opportunity where their visitors get to know their company. This is a chance for your customers’ to introduce themselves and the kind of business they do to their clients. So you might as well make it great!

As visitors arrive on your customer’s landing page, they are hoping for a piece of introductory content, such as what/when/where/how details, which has to do with the About Us page. It’s a click away from the homepage, where it’s most required to make a quick impression.

Who is visiting the About Us page?

These are likely to be clients who are considering to purchase your customer’s services, they are trying to evaluate if they trust them. They are looking for convincing answers to their bunch of questions like –

-If it is a private, public or a family-owned business?

-Is it a big company or small?

-What are the Core values of the company?

-What is the Company history?

-Who is the owner of the firm?

-What makes the company special?

One should approach these with their keen interest. Most of all, this is one of the places where your customers can let the world know why their company is so awesome. But it has to be done tactfully.

Characteristics of a good About Us Page

Clarity of facts, no hype- When your customer is writing, they should not talk about repetitive things that appear on the Homepage, it would not interest the reader to read more. Just like you would use a resume to get a job, the About Us page is a place to blow your own horn. However, one should avoid bragging and appear pushy, instead go for a straightforward approach. Quantify the benefits that your customer or his services provide. Saying it improves productivity is a little less persuasive than saying your product increases 18%.

Inspire Trust- State the number of years your customer has been running that business and about how they and their team have achieved milestones through history. Unlike the case in today’s time, when the internet did not exist, most of the transactions occurred only after a personal meeting. People were comfortable in doing business after a talk with a sales manager or business owner to know how comfortable he is to do business with them. In today’s time, transactions are made over the web and in-person meetings.This is a reason why the About Us page should be communicating more about their company’s services.

Target Group– While writing an About Us page, it is necessary to picture who is most likely to read it. Visualizing what prospective visitor needs and wants is important.Targeting different demographics would require a different approach. If they are addressing a new mom with a kid, an IT professional with expert computer skills, or a high school student, they need to have a dynamic fashion of approaching them.

Comfort your Readers– Your customers’  About Us page needs to speak the language of their visitors, just like a TV programme or magazine that is designed while keeping in mind the audience. The copy must be motivating enough for them to take action.

Engaging Content- A visitor will want to know what the real human after this business is like. Instead of reading a corporate-speak copy, they would prefer reading something more conversational. An informal and friendly writing fashion would catch interest.Pour out the passion that your customer feels for their company’s goals.Be personal and honest while you put forth the story of your company.One could appear humorous in their writing, as a formal copy would be dull. Most of About Us pages are self-serving and boring. But they are so vital for any business.If one gets it wrong, you could be turning off people without knowing it.

5 best About Us pages on the Internet

The White House- The White House is a fantastic example of an About Page. It talks deeply about the story of the President and other main members which interests you to know more about the histories and policies.



National Geographic Magazine- National Geographic is one of the most loved magazines in the world. Every kid has been fascinated by the photographic stories that their reporters uncover. Their About Us does a great job of conveying the magnitude of things that they do by categorizing them neatly.




Starbucks-  Starbucks is one of the most frequented cafes all throughout the world. The About Us page here gives us a clear idea of their mission statement and a deep insight into what we can expect from the company, making us all its loyal customers.



Rolls Royce- Rolls Royce would rely a lot on the prestigious image that the brand stands for. Their About Us Page creates that magical and illustrious vibe.This page gets you to feel part of the experience. It serves its point of consolidation- the place where people go to put your whole vision together.



Royce Chocolates- Royce Chocolates is one of the finest chocolate brands. Its About Page is precise with an understandable company overview and a detailed factory description. This makes the customer trust the brand as much as they love their products.



Here is how we understand how vital an About Us Page could be for any business. One can share their vision and passion that they have for their business. This could prove to be a magic touch to the website and also help connect with an audience all around the globe.

Hope you’re now set to create a great one for your customers’ website!


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