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The world changed, slowly and subtly at first and at a rapid speed in the past few years. This change has evolved with numerous inventions and progress in science and technology. We are now in an age where machines are able to understand and process human tasks, performing them in a far efficient manner than we humans could. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have become an integral part of our life, be it voice search, chatbots, Google search predictions and so on. This impact affects the way we run our businesses both online and offline. However, one of the key leveragers of AI is an e-commerce website.

In this article, we will cover how far has AI penetrated into our businesses, as well as, its impact on an e-commerce business website.

Integrating AI with E-commerce websites

Before delving more into how AI will impact e-commerce website, let us have a look at where AI stands today. Artificial Intelligence is a broad term covering a wide range of technologies. Our focus in this article is how it impacts the business aspect of running a website. How it improves the web design eventually enhancing the user experience? Thereby aiding in converting your website visitors to customers.

In recent marketing research conducted by Business Intelligence Insider, AI is one of the fastest growing technologies today with the highest anticipated growth.

Source: Business Intelligence Insider
  1. Enhanced Customer Experience
    Take, for instance, one of the prime concerns of a new e-commerce business owners is, what new can they provide to the customer that would make them stand out from the rest? The answer to this question is simple. Personalization is what makes any brand stand out. For example, when a customer goes into a local shop to purchase something, the shopkeeper suggests items should the customer be stuck, to enhance their shopping experience and also, that they do not leave the shop empty-handed.

    On the other hand, when a customer is shopping online, they are essentially alone, and chances are if they do not find what they are looking for, they might abandon your site. Artificial Intelligence (AI) aids in solving this issue by providing the customer with a more localized and customized shopping experience. It does this by suggesting items after analyzing the customer’s past and recent search history. For example, you may have noticed pop-ups or ads like ‘Frequently bought together’, ‘You may also like’, ‘Other similar products’ etc. In fact, according to Boston Consulting Group, a personalized shopping experience helps in increasing the company’s revenue by 6 to 10%.

    Another positive impact of using AI on your e-commerce website is that it reduces the user’s search and response time, therefore, the user doesn’t need to wait for long. This we can conclude based on the prediction and suggestive style of the website to the user. However, search time even depends on your hosting, if you have a WordPress powered e-commerce website then opting for WordPress Hosting will aid in improving your website load speed. This coupled with AI’s fast search can boost your website in the sight of visitors.

    Thus, integrating AI with e-commerce websites helps in increasing not only the customer satisfaction level but also, increases the company’s revenue.

  2. Optimized Content Generation
    Content if rightly created and displayed can have a major impact on your website. As an e-commerce website owner, you would have hired a content writer to generate SEO focusing content. This content leads to improved SEO, as well as, helps improve the visitor count on your website on a daily basis. This type of content is heavily keyword focused and helps in attracting the search engine bots to effectively drive traffic to your website. However, humans can commit an error while reviewing content to check if there are keywords and if they are placed correctly, and all of this in the right proportion.

    AI generated content is created using a set of algorithms and takes less time to be created. Thus, it optimises your content generation strategy. An earlier article we wrote, covered one of the tools that web pros can harness to enhance their SEO.

Having seen how AI impacts your e-commerce website, let us now look at some AI tools that can help you. Here I am assuming, you have opted for a WordPress website and will cover 3 tools that can be easily integrated with your WordPress powered e-commerce website.

  1. Askimet

    Askimet (Automattic and Kismet) is a pre-installed plugin that comes with every WordPress website. This plugin helps detect spam comments on your website using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. The Askimet algorithm works in predictive behaviour manner by learning from its mistakes and learning from millions of websites across the internet. It is able to detect comments made by bots, as well as, humans.
  2. Albert

    According to Albert’s website, ‘Albert is the world’s first and only fully autonomous digital marketer.’ That means, Albert is able to create content, curate it and also, organize cross-channel marketing campaigns to market your product. Thus, Albert can improve your customers’ digital experience and help in increasing your sales.
  3. IBM’s Watson Assistant

    Formerly known as Conversation, IBM’s Watson Assistant helps businesses by automating their customer support to improve customer interaction and experience. The interface is automatic and operated via a bot that helps connect customers to actual customer care executives should their query require deeper assistance. This tool is extremely helpful for businesses that have a dedicated support team and e-commerce is one of them.

At the end:
Marketing is a niche that requires an in-depth understanding of your business such that you can come up with new ideas and strategies. And although investing in AI may be a smart move with these trending times, you should exercise caution before moving to it completely. However, by this, we do not mean that you shouldn’t leverage AI, in fact, the right amount will help in scaling your business to greater heights.

Have any questions or a suggestion to make? Feel free to drop your comments in the comments section below!

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