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The 2nd ever ICANN meeting in India is well on its way at the International Convention Centre in Hyderabad right now, as I write this. If you’ve been part of it for Day 1 & 2, you know how awesome it’s been to exchange ideas with those at the event, network with experts in the industry and understand how things will impact your web presence business in the near future.

What does ICANN mean for our industry?

The Internet Corporation of Assigned Names & Numbers is a private non-profit organisation responsible for managing internet protocol numbers & domain name systems. Got a domain name? ICANN made that possible. Simply put, ICANN is a quasi-governing body for the Internet and enables stakeholders such as you and us to have a foundation of tech, legal and administrative policies to build our businesses on.

The week long conference taking place in Hyderabad, will showcase ICANN’s ongoing work, give recognition to contributors within the community and throw some light on what to expect in the near future. Chief Executive Officer, Goran Marby has been quoted saying, “As per the recommendations of the meeting’s strategy group, this meeting will showcase the work of ICANN. It will feature two public forum sessions and eight community-driven high-interest topic sessions. apart from other outreach and engagement activities”

For those of you who haven’t made your way to the event yet, here are somethings to know.

Quick Facts about ICANN 57

  • This is ONLY the 2nd time India is hosting an ICANN annual conference
  • This meeting comes right after the US relinquished legal jurisdiction over ICANN
  • It is an opportunity for the world to take note of India’s rapidly growing Internet base and related businesses

Should You Attend?

Absolutely! If your company contributes to the web industry, this is a fantastic opportunity to grow and understand what the next few years hold in store for you! Over these 7 days, ICANN is focusing on outreach, capacity building, and showcasing its work to us as stakeholders.

Here’s what to expect :

  • Network with the bigwigs from around the world’s Internet Products Industry
  • Exchange ideas & learn the latest trends and developments
  • Explore opportunities for your web presence business

Meet ResellerClub & Endurance International

We’ve set up our booth and interacting with you all has been a pleasure. You can meet us and Endurance International Group at booth no. A7 from the 5th to the 9th of November.

While you’re attending the ICANN event, let the traveler in you explore the city a bit too. Here are some things you can do while you’re in Hyderabad.

Registration for the event is absolutely free. Looking forward to seeing you there!

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